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Roger Lockshier, shamanic practitioner

Roger Lockshier, Shamanic Practitioner 


Roger is an internationally recognized shaman, healer and ritualist with over 25 years of experience devoted to nature focused spirituality, sacred ceremony, and a variety of esoteric, mystical and magickal traditions.  He draws from the myths and wisdom of Europe, especially those of the ancient Norse and Celtic people as well as some traditions found within the indigenous practices of North and South America.  Blending many concepts found in western and eastern mysticism and philosophy, Roger uniquely draws parallels between belief systems from around the world. 


In person, Roger creates a very tangible, magickal and undeniable sense of Oneness with those present during his sacred ceremonies; and from podcasts, to his online Skype and FaceTime sessions and offerings, he has shared his teachings, healing and guidance with people from all walks of life, and numerous countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Spain, Columbia and others.


Through private sessions and classes, Roger uses his abilities as a channel and empath to promote emotional/energy healing, shamanic journeys, spiritual counseling, intuitive guidance, connecting with spirit guides, sound healing and deep meditation.


It is our Awakening that opens us to our True identity, that we are not separate from, but One with Divine Source-this is a reconnection with our souls' purpose as active co-creators and catalysts for our spiritual evolution

~Roger Lockshier, creator and founder of Shamanfire, Awakening SpiritFire Within and New Aeon Shamanism.